Friday, 29 April 2011

Issue Five

Mental Health Day

by Howie Good

The pill I take in the morning
is supposed to help.
You better? everyone asks.
I’ll never be Teacher of the Year
if that’s what they mean.
I lose track of which door is which.
Alcohol intensifies the effect.
It says so right on the bottle.
Pornomaniac. A word I looked up once,
but haven’t had to use.

Delphi's Sonnet

by Kenneth P. Gurney

In the beginning, Delphi was not there.
Millennia passed before Parnassus
caused her to spring forth like so much water
and let her run down the slopes.

In the middle, Delphi walks among us
wears the faces of our choosing
and does her best to answer our questions
as honestly as possible.

In the end, she will cross the river,
the same as the rest of us
who passed along the gift of time 
as if it is a cool drink of water for the parched,

and she will take her place among the fourteen oars
that draw the boat to that farthest shore.


by John Tustin

Dank dark black void nil blank
nothing blind.
My voice echoes
in my head.
Something drips from
the walls.
Something skitters silent
on the floor and walls
and I am naked
I stumble.
The somethings crawl
over my hands
and a trapdoor drops me.
I fall
in the dark
ears clogged.
I scream,
no sound comes,
the somethings crawl
into my mouth.
I scream into
the void
and know
that I am

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